Recently watched and the favorite video

Do you know that video you watch a thousand times because you like the musicality, the choreography, the energy or for any other reason? Here the guests share with you their “favorites”.


Alex Yan

Favorite video and currently watched – The “I Charleston The World” series was pretty cool, because it showed different cities and different styles everywhere.  For a while, I really enjoyed the fast dancing competition from ULHS 2006.  But I’ve been dancing for 14 years now, and it all starts to look alike: live dance contests, choreographed performances, and dance instruction videos. I have been watching more videos of other dances for inspiration, though. I also think there’s a big difference between the old dance clips versus the contemporary ones.


Jennifer Lee

Favorite Video – I think it is Hellzapoppin.  


Karine Hermes


Kenny Nelson


Renato Lopes

Favorite Video –  The Jack and Jill finals from ILHC 2012. It’s a very cool vibe, people throwing themselves on the floor, jumping, crawling, falling. There is a lot of technique, but there’s something much more energetic than technic. You see people are having fun in a way they’ll never have fun again.

Currently watched – I have watched many videos of competitions for the improvisation aspect: you won’t do those exact same movements, but you are inspired by people’s thought process, the way they enjoy that moment or that situation. That opens your mind to thinking of doing completely different things. I believe there are formulas to get to that: improving your understanding of the music, of the rhythm, of the movements. People mix the ingredients in different ways, so the outcomes are different. When the same results repeatedly come out, that indicates a tendency. But there’s is always someone who’ll change it, there’s always someone who’ll make it different. That’s why the dance doesn’t get boring and these tendencies change from year to year.


Rusty Frank

Favorite Video(s) – Gosh, good question.  I don’t know if I really have an answer.  Maybe the three I started with (Hellzapoppin’, Day At The Races, Groovie Movie), plus “One Girl and Two Boys”, and because I love the energy and style and joy and humor in those.