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Swingin’ Denver: a lot of recaps! – Kenny Nelson

With more than two thousand videos published and almost four million views, the YouTube channel called Swingin’ Denver fulfills what it is supposed to: being a reference as swing dance videos.   The idealizer to this project is Kenny Nelson, a north-american man who foundContinue reading

Why do people dance? – Martynas Stonys

“Why should people dance?”. About eight years ago, questions like this couldn’t get out of Martynas Stony’s head. And, in 2011, when an opportunity to speak about Lindy Hop at TEDx showed up – one of the main programs dedicated to sharing ideas and experiencesContinue reading

Record and share – Karine Hermes

She no longer lives here in Brazil, but when I learned she would be visiting I found a way to chat with her and ask about her opinion on the importance of the audiovisual for the scene of Vintage dances.​ ​Karine Hermes started on Lindy HopContinue reading

The records of the Lindy Hop revival: Sweden

In the peak of the Jazz Era, Lindy Hop dancers swung on the theater screen in movies like ‘Helzapoppin’, ‘Keep Punching’, ‘Radio City Revels’ and ‘Manhattan Merry-Go-Round’. Around 50 years later, these feature-length films were still around in the world and were rediscovered by a group of young people whoContinue reading