Renato Lopes

The professional path

Although always interested in photography, I started up another path, I studied Business Administration. After three years and frustrations, I tried something new and I saw myself looking at Stage Lighting. Courses and jobs led me to photography; photography led me to video; and somewhere on that way, I found dance.
At the end, everything is the same. The light and our control over it, our mind and the control of our body, even though at the end, they are the ones that control us.

The dance

In 2004 I met what was then in Brazil referred to as Street Dances. A few years later and with the learning of new more conclusive information, I found Urban Dances and their aspects. I practiced until 2012/2013, when I stopped to dedicate myself to the studies and to work. A few years later, always working with dances in audiovisual and on stages with lighting, I decided to go back in a different way and I remembered researches about the origins and references of Urban Dances in a dance called Charleston/Lindy Hop.

In early 2015 I started to practice what I thought would be impossible for me, a dance for two. But from the moment I understood it was a dance that talked about freedom, improvisation and exchange (not to mention the excellent music), I realized that was the best thing I had done. Nowadays I’m happier because of that. I live and breathe the dance. It gave me freedom to reach things I could barely imagine in life.

This project

In 2017, I was asked for help by Aline Cortes with the following wording “I need help to create a simple website to put my idea to practice” and now here I am. Fiddling with what I don’t know to learn and make this incredible project reach more and more people. But that’s not all. I can also put my words into this project, discussions and questioning about how the audiovisual and the Lindy Hop go hand in hand and are crucial to the dissemination of this culture.