Gustavo Rocha

The professional path

One of my biggest hobbies was always languages.When i was a kid, I learned English by myself with the old textbooks my mom used in an English course. After having lived in Germany as an exchange student, I felt that my English improved exponentially, since I had to use English in many situations. And then after having lived in the United States for a year, I already feel completely comfortable to communicate and express myself in English.

My enthusiasm for this subject ended up taking me to volunteer as a translator. Nowadays, I translate and subtitle videos for nonprofits as a volunteer regularly and that has been a big part of my life during the past few years.

The dance

I started when I was in college. I started with forró, in 2009, and for a long time that was all I knew about dancing. After a few years, in 2013, I found the Rockabilly and fell in love with it. The more I learned about it, about its lifestyle and, most importantly, about the people who made up the dance scene, the more I felt good about it. I came to the point of going out to dance four or five times a week.

All this devotion to the Rockabilly led me to learn about the Lindy hop, since many dancers in São Paulo end up engaging with both types of dance. When I first saw it, I thought it would be too hard and that I would never learn it. Even though, I set myself to learn it, and one year after having started Rockabilly, I also started the Lindy. At the beginning, it was indeed really hard, but every new step, every improvised move, every dance and every smile made more and more charmed by the Lindy hop.

And since then, the Lindy, the Rockabilly and a few other swing dances have been taking a big chunk of my free time and been responsible for many of my happy moments.


This project

At the beginning of 2017, I was invited by my dearest friend Aline to help her divulge this project about audiovisual production in the Lindy hop community. I did not have to think twice to say yes!

For me, this project is a great opportunity to bring together two of my greatest life passions: dance and languages. I want to dedicate a bit of my time to make the articles and videos posted here accessible to a greater audience and increase their visibility.

If you were able to read and enjoy one article here because of its translation, or even just to chat, I would love get to know you.