Aline Cortes

The dance path

I started having dance lessons when I was four years old. Classic ballet. What many girls did at this age by that time. It didn’t last. I was very shy and I do not think I liked it very much …

I returned to a dance academy when I was twelve, this time the course went much longer. I did ballet, jazz, flamenco, tap dance and street dance. Four intense years, participating in championships and dance shows with the academy group. My life was to study and dance. It all ended when I had to dedicate myself to my studies, to take a university entrance exam. After that, the gap was bigger. It was almost eight years without classes, practices or social dances.

In 2008 I discovered a new passion, the Rockabilly. I was not familiar with the vintage world, but I was blown away by the style of the clothes. The fifities’ rockwas contagious; the sound of the acoustic bass pulsed to the bottom of my heart. I turned down travels, movies, and dinners if I had to choose between them and the tiredness in my legs and body, for spending hours and hours dancing. It was an intense commitment.

At the beginning of 2010, a friend whom I always saw at dance gatherings   introduced me to a new style: Lindy Hop. He organized a four-hour workshop and invited me to attend. I did the class along with my husband, who already knew the style. But he felt that the process of starting from the beginning would be very slow and time-consuming and we did not continue.

Few months later I discovered that I was pregnant. And life turned upside down. From then on we started to go out little to dance; the logistics were complicated.

In early 2015, Lindy Hop came into our lives again. And it did not leave. Weekly classes became sacred. Almost every weekend there was some kind of party; and there we were. I started listening to Jazz every day and did not want to stay away from the dance floor. Lindy Hop is just like this: it conquers every bit of one’s body. And period.

The professional path

The recognition that audiovisual media is part of the development of society made me choose the Radio and TV course at the undergraduate level. I have worked hard with social projects, digital inclusion projects and with education. And the experiences I had during the first eight years after graduating awoke my interest in social communication and edu-communication, which led me to seek a graduate degree in journalism.

All of these questions resulted in the subject of my conclusion article: the importance of audiovisual production for non-governmental organizations with projects aimed at children. And the whole process was a delight, one of the best academic experiences of my life. And this article made me realize how much I enjoy studying, researching and writing about the importance of audiovisual production for society. What brought me here: a lot of work ahead, to understand and share the importance of audiovisual production for Lindy Hop.