Swingin’ Denver: a lot of recaps! – Kenny Nelson

With more than two thousand videos published and almost four million views, the YouTube channel called Swingin’ Denver fulfills what it is supposed to: being a reference as swing dance videos.


The idealizer to this project is Kenny Nelson, a north-american man who found out about dancing in 1997 and moves the swing dance scene in Denver, Colorado. He believes these videos make possible for the public in general to have a global view about what Lindy Hop is, to know which events happen around the world and where is possible to find classes and teachers available. To the swing dance professionals, these videos are a wonderful way to share their work, invite people to workshops and build many kinds of relationships.


Kenny values people that take risks, make creative videos with good musical quality, such as the videos from the project ‘I Charleston World’.

He is also someone who enjoys break dance and parkour videos regularly – an acrobatic modality of exercises that explores any city obstacles around the world. When remembering the video about an old man practicing this kind of sport, he mentions:

“The possibility to record this in a video motivates people to produce anything, create, no matter their level of ability…”

After ten years posting this kind of content, the channel organized by Kenny can be considered a great and diverse video resource. The focus is to register recaps – videos recorded in the end of regular classes and dance workshops where teachers remind students what was taught in a quick way. This lindy hopper told us about the project and how he’s connected to the recaps.



The channel’s first video was a West Coast choreography, posted in 2008 and that has more than 8 thousand views!



Kenny says that, in fact, he wasn’t the one who posted the video first. Someone helped him create the channel and provide its first content. His objective was just to share it with friends.



The video with most views so far is ‘Learn To Lindy Hop In A Day’. Kenny tells us that the views come from countries like USA, Germany and Spain. The dancer believes this indicates people want to learn how to dance and like good tutorials that teach something fast.

Charleston videos also create a lot of views. Maybe this is the reason this kind of content is the second one with most views in his channel, with the video ‘Beginning Lindy Hop – tandem Charleston’ as this example.



Kenny makes a confession directly to his students: “I get crazy when we provide resources (in video) and you don’t use it, because you would grow a lot by watching a little more about these materials and practicing with the songs from our Spotify channel. Research in our YouTube channel. We have a lot of material, sometimes you just need to be creative choosing the words in the search field.”

Translation: Juliana Anatnas Seugirdor

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