We have so much to say about Liny Hop! – Joe DeMers

In most cases, Lindy Hop videos we find online are about competitions, presentations or video classes. In general, people are making movements… away from the cameras.

There is not much we can find on Youtube, for example, about where we can closely see dancers and teachers we admire talking about their relationship with the dance, expressing their feelings for this kind of art and providing us with their opinions, reflections…

Fortunately, em May 2015, lindy hopper Joe Demers, who lives in Colorado, was invited to participate on TEDx Talks, that wonderful event all about sharing ideas and experiences.

In the video Joe recorded for MLHV, he talks with a great sense of humor about the labyrinthine task of defining his lecture’s theme, because many diferent subjects could be in his agenda before he could choose what he would speak about. In the same statement, Joe provides the audience with his definition of what Lindy Hop is through na amazing video.




You can check the full lecture ‘The Power of Partner Dance’ here:



In the following video, Joe reflects about the video Productions nowadays, talking about the difficulties we face when we try finding online content we would like and how the community should research and study certain subjects related to Lindy Hop in order to produce relevant material in different aspects.



In other sections you can find videos where Joe comments about a variety of subjects: he reveals what (who) influenced him in different times throughout Lindy Hop’s history, he talks about his participation in ULHS 2006 – his first experience in a big and known competition – and how he sees and produces online material for people who are interested.

Translation: Juliana Santana Rodrigues

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