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International festivals allow us to find dance teachers who travel the world sharing their experiences. But for a number of issues, we know that it is not always possible to have the pleasure of meeting everyone and drink straight from the source of someone who, for many years, has been breathing Lindy Hop. The internet, however, offers several videos of dancers, who appear sometimes competing in events, sometimes presenting choreographies, sometimes teaching steps. Through the net, it is now possible to take distance classes with some of the most admired teachers of swing dances.

Even if in the double dance the ideal class is the classroom, which allows the maximum exploration of the body movements, the connection with other people and the development of techniques and abilities, there are video classes methodologies that take this into account. Some international teachers have ventured into the idea and created videotape models so anyone, no matter from which country or whatever familiarity they have with Lindy Hop, can experience ‘the happiest dance in the world’.

The american teacher Jamin Jackson is one of them. Famous for his creativity, he met Lindy Hop when he saw a jam circle or roda de improviso, in a free version for Portuguese. In these wheels people gather in pairs in the midst of a circle of dancers and improvise their steps. Asked about the first impression he had on the dance, Jackson responded enthusiastically: “Thrilling!”.


Improvised. Seoul, S. Korea.

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Publicado por Street Smart Swing by Jamin Jackson em Terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2016


Even in the rush of his day-to-day life, Jackson accepted the challenge of recording a testimonial for Making Lindy Hop Videos, telling his story and how his previous experience in another dance style was essential in leaving his mark on the genre.

Check out the video below the first part of the testimonial!



Jackson also talked about his video classes project, Street Smart Swing. “One of the goals is to help people cultivate a positive attitude in their personal development”. See in the following video what motivated Jackson and what his goals with online classes are!



Jackson says he has new ideas all the time and that technology helps turn them into materials online. He confessed that his desire is that one day Street Smart Swing becomes a great collection of videos available on the net and all this without it taking the focus of the city where he lives and works. Follow the third part of Jackson’s testimony!



“If I can teach the basic moves and show how they can work in dance regardless of style and partner, the disciple will master the concept and technique of Lindy Hop. If you want then you just have to learn extra steps – which is my passion – and put your own brand in the dance, “Jackson says.

Translation: Lorena Oliveira

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