Record and share – Karine Hermes

She no longer lives here in Brazil, but when I learned she would be visiting I found a way to chat with her and ask about her opinion on the importance of the audiovisual for the scene of Vintage dances.​

​Karine Hermes started on Lindy Hop in São Paulo, but since 2015 ​she’s been present in events, festivals, workshops in various places around the world, mainly in Los Angeles, where she’s been teaching and currently lives with her husband and dancer Stephen Sayer.

During our conversation, we talked about many topics, but some of them stood out, like the relation of video production through times.

“I think that the old videos, from when everything started, recover for a current audience the essence and the style of certain dances. They are guidance. You will adapt, develop and evolve, that’s natural and expected to a certain extent. But it’s always good to revive them.”

Making the dance go viral for those outside of the scene, inspiring who already dances, sharing performances and competitions: these are the purposes of some of the videos that were produced since the Revival of the Lindy Hop.

Karine follows her friends’ posts on social media: “I share all the videos from Brazil with a more structured production, I am very proud and I want to show everybody that there are many Brazilians dancing, that we are good dancers, that it is worth going to Brazil.”

The dancer points out the increase on Instagram posts: from people who create channels to share shorter videos (like friends practicing aerials) and videos from teachers recapping their lessons – something a bit unusual when she started dancing.

It is a controversial topic, since some teachers are against the recording of lesson and workshop material. In the video below, Karine talks about videos and shares of class recaps. According to her, the records are beneficial to students and teachers alike, besides being interesting to the Lindy Hop scene in general. And it’s become a routine: the last five minutes of class in Los Angeles are used by her students to record what they learned.

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