I Charleston Taipei – Beyond admirable touristic sites

The proposition of ‘I Charleston the World’ is to motivate dancers around the world to record dance steps in front of touristic sites in their cities. But, what happens when the landscape is left literally to the background?

“The most beautiful scenery of Taiwan is the people”

This is quite a popular expression around there, and it was presented to us by one of the dancers from Taipei, city located in the northern region of the island. She is part of the group Naughty Swing: dancers who like to mix Lindy Hop, street dance, and other dance styles in their routines and performances.

Among all those already produced, ‘I Charleston Taipei’ is currently the one with the most views on YouTube. It shows the daily life of those who live in the city, and hooks you from beginning to end with unexpected camera swings, fun framings, and large smiles. Quite a beauty!

A few dancers got together and chose to answer our questions to share the experience of the project through a fun and carefully made video. They explain what the group’s name means, they talk about the influence of Helzapoppin in the discovery of the Lindy Hop and the passion for this dance. They talk about how a weekend practice aroused their willingness to record videos and describe the possible reasons for the success of the project.

If you want to know more about their passion for Swing Dances, check their website and the Facebook page.

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