What is Lindy Hop?


Making Lindy Hop Videos – You edited a video about what is Lindy hop which was very successful. Can you talk about it?

Manu Smith – “What is Lindy Hop” video was specifically produced for ILHC live broadcast. We wanted to introduce the world to Lindy hop at the high level of dancing at ILHC. We wanted to include everybody, not only the people who knew about Lindy hop. Rik Panganiban and I wrote a script for it. That became the popular “What is Lindy Hop”. It’s a great title. Whenever someone types in “What is Lindy Hop” on YouTube, they’ll probably get that video. Share that video as much as you like. You don’t have to ask us. Just grab it and share it. We love it. We think it’s great.

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