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We have an idea. And we get super excited with it. We find out that, in order for the desire to become reality, we need a lot of commitment and dedication. And we notice that we can’t do it by ourselves. It’s a project that calls for many voices. The more, the better.

We get in touch with people from all corners of the world. We introduce ourselves and explain the idea.

And you know what is the best thing? Even without never having heard of you, these people welcome you and make themselves available to help. They participate in the best way they can. And they fill your heart with joy.

The journey starts now, but it does not have either an end date nor final destination. And that’s precisely the wish. That it lasts as long as the Lindy Hop.



Rusty Frank – Tap Dancer and Lindy Hopper. I Charleston L.A. organizer.

“It’s been great to have access to online Lindy Hop videos.  When I started, we were lucky if we had video tapes of three dances: Hellzapoppin’, Day At The Races, Groovie Movie.”





Renato Lopes – Hopper and videomaker specialized in dance.

“If you are in an event that is a celebration, a moment of exchange (…) you need to capture it and put it to the video. My greatest pleasure in filming Lindy: I ​​think it’s one of the greatest ways I can contribute to make the scene grow.”




Mari Turco – Engaged in Lindy Hop to the soul, including event organization and video production.

“I think every video is good for something. There are championship videos, like ILHC, which are good because they inspire dancers to improve technically, for example. Videos like I Charleston World are good because they bring people closer together. “



Jennifer Lee – Dancer of the 2013 winner video “One Girl and Two Boys”, of the Jazz Dance Film Fest

“I had inspiration from the Jean Veloz clip of One Girl and Two Boys.  It is on YouTube. I love that clip and wanted to have a playful vibe and spirit.”





Alex Yan – Jazz Dance Film Fest organizer.

“I think that good dancing videos help us understand the music better, that the dancing in the videos gives us insight into what the dancers are listening to, and how they are interpreting the music.” 





Suzana Ruiz – Ballet dancer and Lindy Hopper. She loves solo jazz and made beautiful videos of her coreographies. 

“The (choreography) video is something that you record and keep! After a long time, you can watch it as many times as you like. Unlike presentation videos, where you might be insecure, and some things did not work out that well. “ 




Manu Smith – Producer of the ‘Swing Nation’ Lindy Hop video channel

“Lindy Hop is a visual dance. So you need to see it. (…) Swing Nation is a labor of love. You learn a lot when you do a lot. Practice makes perfect.”






Sing Yuen Lim – Founder of the ‘Frankie Moves’ project

“There are many videos out there, teaching, and inspiring. I just tried to fill in a small gap which I felt was missing, and wanted to capture Frankie’s memory while we still have dancers who worked with him.”

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