I Charleston Rio – A dream come true

Touristy locations and dance moves? Everything together and mixed up? Those who already watched any video of the I Charleston the World project have seen beautiful scenarios and Lindy hoppers dancing. In Brazil we could already see touristy points of two cities where the LindyContinue reading

Jazz na Rua – Come with us!

To take the jazz to the metropolitan streets, for free, to gather who’s already a dancer and invite passersby who still haven’t heard of the Lindy hop: that’s the idea of Jazz na Rua. Created by a group of friend, the event takes place inContinue reading

Jazz Dance Film Fest – Reenacting a classic

2013’s edition of Jazz Dance Film Fest had the participation of twelve videos of many different styles. The big winner featured three Balboa dancers. Jennifer Lee, one of the winners, first met Balboa seven years ago and fell in love with it. Because of that,Continue reading

Swing Nation – Let’s talk about Swing Dances

A group of dancers passionate about Lindy Hop created a website in 1997 about it. Excited about the idea, they created a podcast called Yehoodi Talk Show. Later, with the growing popularity of published videos on the Internet, they decided to join the movement andContinue reading

What is Lindy Hop?

  Making Lindy Hop Videos – You edited a video about what is Lindy hop which was very successful. Can you talk about it? Manu Smith – “What is Lindy Hop” video was specifically produced for ILHC live broadcast. We wanted to introduce the worldContinue reading

I Charleston L.A – Many voices

“Make videos of you doing Charleston in front of famous places around the world … and share!!!” Such a simple phrase, but already moved so many people around the world. That is the call-out from “I Charleston the World”, a project that encourage Lindy HoppersContinue reading